The name is just an acronym of the names of the four partners (Cesare Zizioli, Riccardo Pampuri, Ernesto Bianchini, Alberto Bagnatica). The company CREA Progetti was born at the beginning of the nineties following the enthusiasm of four professionals, young-aged but with a consolidate experience in the sector of injection and die-casting moulds.
Three out of them deal with the design itself, the fourth, Ernesto Bianchini, is engaged with customer relationships and is responsible of guaranteeing products quality and delivery schedules.
CREA Progetti pays attention to the technical developments invading the mould design sector increasingly using up-to-date hardware and software.
During these long years of activity CREA Progetti has been dealing with important projects in several goods sectors focussing a particular attention to the household appliances and to the automotive sector.

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