About Us


Nuova Tecnozeta snc was born in far 1981 out of an idea of the three founders, the brothers Egidio and Dario Zizioli with Donatella Timini.
The sector at that time was in its starting up phase. Just a few people could imagine the technical development it would have had the years thereafter. Nuova Tecnozeta was one of the first companies to take advantage of the new informatics. The first workstation was bought in 1990 to consequently substitute the drafting machine as well as the rapidographs.
Since then, attention for technical evolution constantly increased and the design activity entered several sectors such as automotive, packaging, furniture, lighting and household appliances.
Nuova Tecnozeta, has reached the second generation of designers with the entry of Simone and Luca Zizioli. With a team of 6 people the company is proud to prosecute the activity and to enhance the company development thanks to the experience acquired during so many years.


CREA Progetti

The name is just an acronym of the names of the four partners (Cesare Zizioli, Riccardo Pampuri, Ernesto Bianchini, Alberto Bagnatica). The company CREA Progetti was born at the beginning of the nineties following the enthusiasm of four professionals, young-aged but with a consolidate experience in the sector of injection and die-casting moulds.
Three out of them deal with the design itself, the fourth, Ernesto Bianchini, is engaged with customer relationships and is responsible of guaranteeing products quality and delivery schedules.
CREA Progetti pays attention to the technical developments invading the mould design sector increasingly using up-to-date hardware and software.
During these long years of activity CREA Progetti has been dealing with important projects in several goods sectors focussing a particular attention to the household appliances and to the automotive sector.



TOMOS, born in far 1976, can boast a long and consolidate experience in the mould production. Mostly specialised in the die casting sector, TOMOS has always kept cooperating relationships with the most important European and Italian foundries.
Its workshop consists of 1,500 covered square meters and is completed by the modern direction and design offices.
Its machine park of newest generation guarantees more then 50,000 hours/machine a year. TOMOS can moreover count on the precious presence of co-operators, who have been working for the company for a very long time, thus enhancing relationships continuity: the indispensable condition to ensure constant and excellent performances.



The company SG Costruzione stampi was born thanks to the strong will of Mr. Gianluigi Sberna. In 1998 he decided to acknowledge his experience as technician and milling machine operator gained in the mould sector and started his own activity.
During the years SG Costruzione Stampi gradually entered the mould sector with a particular focus to the plastic injection mould sector. Its operating fields are mostly packaging, cases/containers, household devices, technical parts and automotive parts.
Company strength is given by its flexibility thanks to the skilled young and dynamic staff. The objective is to plenty satisfy customers starting with the very first production phases up to the complete realisation of the requested parts.
The new production plant was recently enlarged reaching a surface of 1,000 square meters thus ensuring 30,000 hours/machine work a year.
The company machine park was recently enlarged with the new 6-axis milling machine JOBS SACHMAN TRT314, which was added to the 5-axis MIKRON 1350U and to the high-speed RAMBAUDI  RAMSPEED  800E, just to mention some of the milling machines.
The entry of Mr. Sberna’s son, i.e. the second generation of the Sberna’s family, into the team of SG Costruzione Stampi, will ensure the continuity of the business activity.